torstai 18. lokakuuta 2012

review from reviewed our 7" and the songs from the split with Haistelijat. The original review in Greek can be read here.

and the translation:
" Lähdön Aika is a five piece crust band from Finland, who gave us the opportunity to present you with two of their releases from last year, Pedot 7'' and the songs included on the split EP with their fellow countrymen Haistelijat, as well as a new song, which they played in a recent gig with Black Breath in Helsinki.

Lähdön Aika's crust, it not exactly what we are used to hearing from bands that come from that wider region as we are dealing basically with heavy and mid tempo metallic crust with some sludge elements.

What makes Lähdön Aika vary from most bands of the genre, is the lack of d-beat influences, which helps create a very atmospheric sound.

The songs here stand at a high level, and this includes the melodic instrumental Aika from the split.

The song that I personally thought stands out from the rest, is the title track from Pedot, which is one of those songs that you know from the intro that before you a wall is beginning to rise slowly but yet steadily.

We expect the new album to have a more comprehensive view, but as a first impression I must admit that the conclusions are more than positive.

Check them out at this link"

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