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Review from This Noise Is Ours wrote:

Finland and doom are two words that fit together like Cheese and Toast. They're just meant to be! Both Frogskin and Lahdon Aika are completely new to me, but when an e-mail appeared in my inbox with a promo for this split attached, I was a little more than curious. I've been enjoying a lot of Svart/Ektro Records releases of late (when I've found the time to just sit and listen to stuff) and so was more than ready for this two-track record.

Frogskin started releasing music in 2005 and are nearly at the ten-year mark, as are Lahdon Aika, who released their first self-titled CD a year earlier. This split was released by three unknown (to me anyway) labels - Ramekuukkeli, 82-Records and Rusto-Osiris. Anyway, less talk and more doom!


1. Frogskin - ITSE
2. Lahdon Aika - Hiljaisuus Kaikkialla

Begin with Frogskin and you’re greeted with some of the slowest/heaviest doom/sludge this side of Profetus! ITSE is a sprawling eight-minute slab of slithering, crawling noise that features deep riffs and hellish growls. Even the occasional flourishes of trebly guitar and organ can’t drag Frogskin up from their deep-water grave!

Lahdon Aika are not as suffocating as Frogskin and their contribution, Hiljaisuus Kaikkialla is more mid-paced. There’s stoner groove and a punk backbone to the song, while the lyrics are in Finnish. When they do break out the doom, they do so in a subtle way. It reminds me a little bit of fellow Finns Terveyskeskus (punk/hc) at times.

Both bands are portray their own ideas of doom/sludge in a unique way. Both bands are well worth hunting down and checking out if you like heavy music with character. Good stuff!

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new song from the upcoming album

Listen the song Kuolemalle here:

LP will be released January/February 2015. Tape version might follow later.

Review from Short, Fast & Loud #28

Sorrowful, skin crawling doom from Finland. It appears both bands are entering their 10th year, but not too many releases to show for either. Frogskin nail their way through one long bastard of a song, slower than slow, definetely in the Corrupted vein, maybe not as accomplished, but leaving a trail of slime a mile wide. Lähdön Aika head towards a more plodding, metallic march of death. Uptempo, really, for this style. Hardcore vocals make for an odd twist. Nice three panel fold out cover.

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Frogskin/Lähdön Aika: Split 7" out now!

1 song from both bands. 5€+postage. orders: . Paypal is ok.
or order from the labels that released it:

Our track can be streamed here:

We also started to record our new full lenght II:

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Lähdön Aika/Frogskin: Split 7"

Coming in April 2014. one new song from both bands
Here´s a "trailer/teaser" whatever made by our friend...

artwork by Vlad von Haddock